Did the Devil Make Darwin Do It?

The Evolutionary Tales: Rhyme and Reason on Creation/Evolution, with Apologies to Chaucer and Darwin is a rhymed-verse parody of The Canterbury Tales. But Ron Ecker's parody is a means to an end, for it's intended as a fun way to learn what everyone should know about the ongoing creation/evolution debate.

In The Evolutionary Tales, eight scientists and a philosopher tell nine "tales"--lively verse essays in their fields of specialization--about evolutionary theory ("All have descended from a common source," / As Darwin summarized, "and in the course / Of that descent have all been modified") and the unscientific nature of "creation science" and "intelligent design" (with a young-Earth creationist saying of evolution, "Darwin was the conduit / For this great lie, the devil made him do it"). The concluding Scholar's Tale then seeks to reconcile evolution and creation from a religious perspective.

Praises for The Evolutionary Tales (first edition)

"Wonderfully crafted, both a work of fine literature and excellent science."-- Robert S. Dietz, emeritus professor of geology, Arizona State University

"A masterpiece. . . . (It) should be required reading in every high-school science course."--Heinrich K. Eichhorn, professor of astronomy, University of Florida

"Delightful."--Eugenie C. Scott, executive director, National Center for Science Education

"I'm in awe. . . . A marvellous job . . . Bravo!"--Stephen Jenkins, physicist, University of Exeter, UK

"I love it!"--Bruce Bowden ("Dr. Matrix"), Web World of Science

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